Fine Fuels. Super Service. Quality Lubricants.

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    This image describes a loading dock where petroleum products are being transported. The image is shows a fuel receiving location where fuel may be loaded. The fuel might be loaded into a motorized vehicle such as a diesel vessel. The fuel stored here will be used to fill gas powered vehicles at one of Petro Marines locations.

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    This image shows a bulldozer in a fueling yard.

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    This image describes a barge or cargo ship where shipping containers are being brought into port. This image may describe the port of Anchorage or another location that allows for the transport of fuel and petroleum products into Alaska.
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    This is an image of a highway sign. The sign gives the feeling of driving over the open roads and experiencing life in Alaska. Insinuating that if one is to drive that individual will be in need of petroleum or gas products.
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    This image describes a location for storing fuel. Petro Marine diesel and gas fuel products might be stored at this location. The image also shows a scene with open water from the perspective of someone from a boat or marine vehicle possibly another cargo ship or transportation vessel.

Welcome to Petro Marine Services

At Petro Marine Services, we pride ourselves on serving the unique petroleum needs of a broad range of Alaska industries. By living by our motto – "Fine Fuels, Super Service, Quality Lubricants" – we've grown to become Alaska's largest independent petroleum marketing and distribution company, serving customers throughout Southeast and Southcentral Alaska, as well as the Yukon Territory.

This image describes someone who is extremely happy with the serviced they received at a Petro Marine fueling station. The man is happy because it was very simple to purchase his fuel. He may also have purchased some lubricants at an affordable rate.


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image describes someone fueling or working on a vehicle at one of Petro Marine's fueling stations around Alaska. She is a technician and possibly a machine operator.

Our Affiliates

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This is a family of people including a mother and father and a few children standing in front of a bus. This gives the feeling of family oriented business and trustworthy petroleum products. Petro Marine started as Andy's and services all types fuel needs

Our Heritage

Founded in Seward in 1936 as Andy's Oil Delivery, the small town home heating fuel delivery service has grown …»