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Barge Services

Barge Services

If you're located on Alaska's southern coastline, we can deliver! From the southern tip of Southeast Alaska to the western reaches of the Alaska Peninsula, Petro Marine Services' chartered barges are floating fuel terminals for our coastal customers in the marine, mining, electrical utility, timber, construction, aviation and seafood-processing industries.

Our barges supply fuel and packaged products to customers in coastal communities throughout Southeast and Southcentral Alaska, Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula. Our schedules are frequent and flexible to suit customer needs, and high-quality, personal service is our top priority. If you have a special requirement, you can contact us for the latest information on products, services, prices and schedules.


Southcentral Alaska / Alaska Peninsula

Tug: Ann T. Cheramie
Barge: Petro Alaskan
Dimensions (L/W/H): 300' x 78' x 24'
Hull Configuration: Double Hull
Capacity: 2.2 million gallons
Product Segregations: 5 grades / 14 compartments
Pumping Systems: 4
Package Product Capability: 2 ea 20 ft Connex Vans plus 80 Drums

Southeast Alaska

Tug: Dale R. Lindsey
Barge: Petro Mariner
Dimensions (L/W/H): 222’ x 65’ x 24’
Hull Configuration: Double Hull
Capacity: 1.2 million gallons
Product Segregations: 6 grades / 10 compartments
Pumping Systems: 3
Package Product Capability: 2 ea 20 ft Connex Vans plus 80 Drums and 24 propane tanks

Tug: Bill Gobel
Barge: Zidell Marine 277
Dimensions (L/W/H): 404’ x 76’ x 27’
Capacity: 3,360,000 gallons
Product Segregations: 3
Grades: Variable (up to 6)
Number of tanks: 14

Petro Marine Services charters other tugs and barges, as necessary, to meet customer needs. Contact us today for a quote!
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